Every Day Life Speech

Topics: Association football, Personal life, Association football terminology Pages: 2 (991 words) Published: April 3, 2014
 When I think about my everyday life and what each day consists of, I cant think of anything else but getting up early, going to school, going to work, coming home doing home work and going to sleep to get up the next day and repeat this cycle over again. I’m a college student which males me a lot like everyone else in this class thus makes my everyday routine very much similar to all of yours. School and work life is something most of us share, but what we choose to do on our free time is what differentiates us from each other, gives us lifetime experiences and makes us unique individuals that we are. For some people it’s a volunteer work, for others it’s painting dancing, singing or playing instruments. Where I find my peace of mind is the soccer field… The word soccer may not mean a lot to many of you, but to me it is way of life, much more than just a type of sport. To me it is dedication, sportsmanship, commitment, and most importantly it is my passion. It is what I love and enjoy doing, it is where I find my inner peace and where I get to express my character. It is where I make all my worries disappear. With the soccer ball at my feet, world gets kind of quiet and the only thing that matters to me at that very moment is myself and 10 others girls on the field that I call my family. My hard work and love for this game got me on the very first women’s soccer team in Brooklyn College 2 years ago and that's where the most amazing journey of my life began. Even though we trained hard and fought even harder in each and every single game, we didn't get too far in the championship What we gained was an amazing connection we all shared from the very first practice and determination to come back stronger next year and surprise everyone, to beat every team that defeated us. As soon as season ended, me and my teammates all started working on things we needed to improve. Gym and soccer became our second home. And before we knew it, it was August...
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