Everywhere is a walking distance if you have time

Topics: Personal life, Want, Psychology Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: October 5, 2014
Everywhere is a walking distance if you have the time
Dreams may play great role in our lives. In my opinion, dreams are “big” wishes that may make us feel the happiest person after coming true. People who have dreams are generally much happier and healthier, with fewer illnesses, less depression and anxiety. In our jampacked lives, it may seem harder than ever to find time to realize our dreams. We have to juggle a job, a busy family life and commitments to church and school. Our need for dreaming may be greater than ever simply because our lives are so intensive and challenging. Our dream may be useful as a motivator to develop ourselves. In my opinion, everybody needs to do the best he can to make his dreams come true. Moving to his wish, person not only has a sense of his life, but also may advance his skills and character traits. For example, person is too compromise and shy, but he is eager to have something. So in some situations he may learn how to insist on his decisions or choices. There is nothing in the world that person won’t be able to achieve. However, there is regularity: the more unrealizable the dream may seem, the more obstacles you may face. One of them is laziness. Dreaming about something is good, but person have to know that no one will make it come true except him. Another problem is that person realized that he does not want something anymore and he gives up moving on to his target. On one hand, it is good because person won’t be disappointed in the end, but on the other one, he may feel disoriented and a little bit overwhelmed some time. One of biggest obstacles on the way to dream is time. To tell the truth, I still do not understand clearly what it is. Sometimes it may seem, that it passes by too fast, sometimes it may pass too slow. It’s abstract, but we can’t even describe it. Instead of this, everything may come down to it. The lack of it, as well as overtime may be a problem for person, especially, for that...
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