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Table 1Willingness to sacrifice certain things

Source: The Sunday Star 14 March 2010
Table 1 shows the respondents’ willingness to sacrifice certain things in their lives in order to become a millionaire before they reach 35. Almost two-thirds of the respondents or 65.5 per cent, were willing to sacrifice their free time and enjoyment. Half of the respondents (50.9%) would not mind giving up on their social life, while almost half of the respondents (48.4%) would willingly forget about romance just to achieve their dreams of becoming a millionaire. ..

There are certain things in life that young people of today would not mind sacrificing in order to become a millionaire such as their own free time and enjoyment, social life as well as romance. Nevertheless, family time, education, and ethics are not the things they are ready to sacrifice. In short, youth today indicate their willingness to forego their leisure time to work on achieving their dreams.

Some recommendations can be offered:
1. Have better time management.
Instead of foregoing time for themselves and friends, youths who dream of becoming a millionaire before the age of 35 should manage their time more effectively so that they can spend some time building contacts and relationships that will help them in their chosen career.

Report writing evaluation

Content – 25
Clear and concise background
Selection of relevant information
Analysis of information collected
Substantial and well-researched data
Achievement report objectives
Language 30
Grammatically accurate
Appropriate vocabulary
Appropriate language for report writing
Originality of text production
Visual aids 10
Accuracy of data and clarity of information
Appropriate visuals
Mechanics 10
Consistent numbering system
Systematic presentation of items
References/appended materials – 3m
Minimum of 5 references that must match the body of the report Layout 2 m
Total 80
Overall marks = total...

References: Rashvinjeet S. Bedi & Sumisha Naidu. (2010). ‘I want to be a milionnaire’ published in The Sunday Star 14 March 2010 retrieved 29 September 2010 from http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2010/3/14/focus/5739757&sec=focus
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