Failure in the Ability to Manage Time and the Contributing Factors That Might Cause It

Topics: Personal life, Causality, Time management Pages: 3 (1038 words) Published: June 29, 2009

Failure in the Ability to Manage Time and the Contributing Factors that Might Cause it Jeremy Sutton
University of Phoenix

Failure in the Ability to Manage Time and the Contributing Factors that Might Cause it In my day-to-day routine, the most difficult task to manage in the amount of time that I have in the day to not only complete all the tasks needed in the workplace, but also those at home. Much of the time, I believe the failure lies within my inability to prioritize what needs to be approached from the most important or time consuming to the least important or least time consuming. After talking it over with supervisors and coworkers, and conducting my own research, I found that multiple things have contributed to the inability for a person to manage the time permitted in a day. Three of the most common deterring factors in the ability to manage time properly or complete task during the day are; Stress Level, Procrastination, and Burnout. Each of these contributes to the next, and ultimately has an impact on a person ability to manage their day-to-day tasks. A person’s stress level carries with it either a positive or adverse affect on how a person is able to deal with other people, and handle added tasking on top of that which they already have. A person ability to express their current stress level in a constructive manner to other people, has the ability to not take on additional takes, when the current ones are already to much for that person to bear alone. This is directly caused in a persons ability to manage their tasking and time correctly, if a person can manage their time, then ultimately they will have a lower stress level then a person that cannot proper manage or prioritize their time. Procrastination is a persons thought of having to much time remaining to complete a task or assignment and putting it off to the last minute causing a high level of stress. This action is most...
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