Family Health Assessment

Topics: Personal life, Medicine, Nutrition Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: August 14, 2013
Family Health Assessment Questions
1) What values and belief system are important to your family? Are there any traditions or beliefs that would be important for people to know about you? How do you feel that your values and belief system help you deal with everyday problems? How would you cope with a major life crisis? Does your family have unspoken rules to guide you when there is conflict or difference of opinion? What is your perception of your current health status? What changes, if any, would improve your health? Explain what would motivate you as an individual and as a family to improve your health status, and how would you achieve that? Are you sick often? How often do you see your physician?

2) How do you perceive your current nutritional status? Are there dietary changes that you feel would improve your health, and what are the ideas, in your opinion, that would help you to achieve that?

3) Do you feel you sleep enough? Are there problems falling and staying asleep? After waking, do you fell rested and refreshed? How do you feel that your sleep habits and patterns affect your health and daily living?

4) Are there any issues, problems, or concerns with elimination such as urinating, or having regular bowel movements? Are any medications needed to assist in a normal pattern for either of these areas?

5) What are your feelings and opinion on exercise and physical activity as it relates to your health? Do you feel an increase in exercise would have a positive impact on improving your health? What types of physical activity and exercise would you enjoy that would fit in with your current lifestyle?

6) How would you describe your ability to retain new information, learn new things, including following directions? How are decisions made and problems addressed and solved in your family?
7) Do you have any problems with vision, hearing, memory, or concentration that affect ability to function normally? What is your preference for learning new...
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