Functionality Paper

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Functionality Paper
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From the early ages of life, we are taught the necessary and daily functions of every day life. We are taught first how to roll, crawl, walk, talk, eat on our own, going to the bathroom, bathing ourselves, and then to using all functions to ultimately protect ourselves from harms way. We rely on our senses and human abilities to master these functions. We use our sight to guide us in the direct we want to go. We use our taste to eat what we may find intriguing, suitable, or healthy to our lifestyles. Our hearing helps us to acknowledge others and being able to respond in an appropriate manner. To smell helps distinguish what may be good to eat, when we may need to shower, or even if there is a fire we can smell the smoke. We are able to complete our daily essentials with the ability to use our hands and to touch things. Our senses offer us endless possibilities to help us in every day decision making and essentially to living. As the body ages, everyone will experience different aspects of their life changing due to the deterioration of their body. It is a part of life that where we age and the body deteriorates. The changes the body undergoes may feel like a disturbance in our daily living and functioning as we age. The loss of a function will begin a so called downward spiral in the life of an elderly person, affecting his or her independence and quality of life.

Each function relies on another to keep progress going in every day life. We are able to use our senses to carry out the functions needed in every day life. There are many internal factors as well as external factors that may interfere and disrupt one of our functions. Research is always conducting studies to better help us understand why the deteriorating body goes through the course it does. Research also studies how external factors affect the human body in its deteriorating stages. The deterioration of the human body affects every individual in one way or another. Every individual may interpret one disruption differently than another individual depending on how well they are able to adapt to the changes.

Our vision helps us in many aspects of our lives. We become so accustomed to having our vision that we really do not think about the “what if” when our health is to deteriorate and we may lose eye sight. We are able to wake up in the morning and see the sunlight. We are able to look at the clock and see what time it is. We are able to get out of bed and safely walk to our bathroom without stubbing our toes on something that may be out of place or if we are still not fully awake. We are able to take care of our hygiene. We can brush our teeth and not miss a spot. We can bathe and see if all the soap is off of us. We can drive to school. We are able to read and learn from what we read. We can drive to work and do our duties that are required of us. We can cook so we can feed ourselves and not starve to death. We are able to witness birth, life, and death. We are able to cherish our children growing every day we are able to. Our sight is valuable to our every day functions for living.

The joys of tasting different foods help us brighten up our days, something to look forward to, and remain satisfied. We make plans with friends to go out to eat at a fantastic joint and you allow begin to hear your stomach grumble as you become hungry. You yearn for the taste of the luscious food, the taste, the satisfaction of eating. From the dieting health addict that enjoys eating as healthy as possibly that would contour to their exercise routine to the not so healthy individual that just loves to eat. Even those who are depressed and find comfort in eating will comfort themselves in a food that is suitable to their mood. The intake of nutrients gives us the energy we need to help us grow and remain alive.

Having the ability to hear benefits every individual in one way or another; depending...

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