Good Neighbor Example

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Good neighbor
Samantha Carty
Us as humans are social animals by nature, social interactions, companionship, and sexual relations play a huge role in our lives. No matter where you come from the country, the city, or just a normal family neighbor hood it is impossible for us not to be surrounded by people whether it being people living in your apartment complex or in a house next to yours. These “neighbors” are the people who are always around so it is pretty impossible for them not to affect our lives tremendously. In my opinion to have peaceful lives you, as a neighbor, is expected to be peaceful, respectful and trustworthy. To begin with the best characteristic that a good neighbor should have would be harmony. Some people have tendencies to listen to their music really loud or play their instruments at all hours of the night. For example I live in an apartment complex and I am on the bottom floor. The family above me are constantly yelling and running all around. It sounds like a stampede every night. I have work early in the morning and school work assignments to work on but due to their loud disturbances it is hard to focus and go to sleep at a decent hour. Without a doubt I don’t want a neighbor that makes those unnecessary disturbances at all hours of the night. Furthermore, respect is one of the most necessary qualities that a neighbor should have. Since usually living in such close distance to your neighbors you’re going to know about each other’s lives. However they should always respect our privacy and not invade into our personal lives. For example the couple above me had a huge fight that I could hear clearly. The next day the couple is hurt to know that the whole complex knows about their dispute last night because their closest neighbor told everyone every detail. Last a good neighbor should always be very trustworthy. From time to tome things happen in our lives and we may need help. The help may include money issues, needing someone to...
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