Great Gatsby: Our Green Lights

Topics: Personal life, Happiness, 2006 singles Pages: 2 (594 words) Published: December 9, 2013
Everyone has a dream. No one has the same dream, it varies from person to person. Jim Carrey had his green light to make it big, from rags to riches. Michael Jordan had his, play in the NBA. Gatsby has Daisy, his green light was to make money to impress her, to gain that success. My green light is to live happily and live the way I want to. To lead a happy, fulfilling life is hard work, but I can do reach it by bettering each and every one of my videos, making my girlfriend happy and making our families happy. I need to learn how to inspire others, just as my parents, my girlfriend, and even the directors I look up to have for me. Nothing can stop me in reaching the top, after all green means go. Living my idea of a happy life is definitely hard to do, especially with criticism around every corner.To me the first video I made, in my opinion was amazing, it was the best! The world didn’t think so. It was a simple parody video, back when stride gum was beating everybody up to chew another piece. That is what I parodied, a person running around with a baseball bat hitting people in the stomach to spit out their gum. I thought it was good, even with my ending where it turns out everyone is in Singapore and gets arrested. Yet even after all the planning and effort my friend and I put into our first video, people went after us like a bunch of rabid dogs. After you post something to the internet, a sense of reality strikes you, hitting you in the face trying to knock you out like you are in the UFC Octagon. Their discouragement inspired me to prove them wrong. Then I gained a fan and today I call her my girlfriend. Without her, I wouldn’t have that push, that inspiration to be better, to work towards perfection. Not just in my movies, but as a person as well. It is hard work, but it makes me happy. That is my first step, being happy, but there are stairs I have to climb to reach my fulfillment in life. To climb the rest of the stairs I need to learn how to inspire...
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