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Topics: World Wide Web, Personal life, Human Pages: 1 (377 words) Published: March 18, 2014
The rapid grow of globalization has made people easy to work in office with electronic assistance such as, computers. Honestly, the significant of the technology in work field is really affected to the way of life. People worry some to loss of physical activities due to technology improvement. This essay would argue the topic in connection with a healthy life style and an unhealthy lifestyle in modern era. First and foremost, some people argue that it is easy to get a healthy way of life in modern era such as; a lot of healthy food is available in internet. It is difficult to enunciate the single side without other sides. Secondly, citizens believe that it is really hard to vanquish an unhealthy lifestyle in globalization era. The cosmopolitan lifestyle is the newest thinking after revolution industry in British countryside, the invention of technology is the basic of new age, and people could use a lot of technologies to help their life to be better. A web page, for example, is a significant thing to contribute people in London, to find sources inhabitants are using the internet to search healthy foods in several web pages which are available in “World Wide Web”. It is essential to pursue a healthy life in modern due to the smart invention of cyber technologies. Vice versa, the white-collars who work in office, they argue that it is hard to get a healthy life style because of the technology treats considerably to human especially working in office. Take a computer for example; workers tend to deal their job with effectively and properly without any mistakes by using computer. Therefore, working in an office and spending much time in front of office table are the necessary of job to produce a tremendous result. As a result, the white-collars are difficult to deal with a healthy lifestyle and lack physical exercises. To sum up, the modern society, undoubtedly, believes that the technology is a significant stuff to assist people to pursue the healthy lifestyle....
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