Hobbies Are Not Waste of Time

Topics: Personal life, Collecting, Hobby Pages: 1 (368 words) Published: September 5, 2013
Hobbies are recreational activities and hence give a lot of pleasure. In today’s age, when the life is becoming really hectic, hobbies are considered to be the best way to relieve stress. However, many people hold a different opinion and feel that one should focus on the priorities of life and avoid anything that distracts.

Hobbies help us to bring out our hidden talents. They also help us to develop our overall personality. They help us to recharge ourselves and channelize our energy in a particular direction. One can always increase his creativity through hobby. A person’s nature and interests can also be judged to a certain extent from the selection of their hobbies. Hobbies related to music give you relaxation and entertainment. It helps us to develop appreciation towards creative activities and develop an aesthetic nature and spiritual balance. Hobbies related to sports give us good physical exercise and help us develop a fair and impartial attitude towards any success and failure in the path of life. An interesting hobby can bring out the best personality in man. Many people convert their hobbies into profession in the long run and earn name, fame and also money.

Many people consider hobby a waste of time and money. Hobby cannot be selected as a course of study. It needs to arise out of interest. But one also has to keep in mind the practicality of pursuing a certain hobby. It would not be a wise idea to follow someone’s hobby just because it is appealing. One should consider his own financial status before venturing into it. For example, a person who cannot afford it cannot consider travelling as a hobby. It would remain a fantasy. Similarly, photography and videography. There are some hobbies, which are not productive and could be considered a waste of time, like collecting photographs of different celebrities or collecting feathers.

Lastly, a person should pursue a hobby if it is a productive use of time or helping him in any manner, but if the...
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