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Home is the place where people feel relaxed and comfortable. Different people have different concepts of home. Some people may think home is like a root. It not only has a person’s memory, but also is a place where people relax with their family. However, people use the global technology to communicate with their family. Meanwhile, they think home is everywhere. “ Home is Every Place” by Pico Iyer tells about himself have several home in different places, so when he goes home, he have to flying frequently and it always is a long distance. Also, as a journalist, he is still flying to different places and lives in different kinds of hotels. It is not only because of it is his job, but also because he loves to travel around the world. Therefore, he feels anywhere can be his home. By contrast, “Unplugged” by Geraldine Brooks tells about people who live in a small, rural town and do not want cable TV. The town’s people want to use technology in a minimum way because they prefer natural life. Other people think the town’s people are eccentric, because they reject cable TV, and they think that watching TV is waste off time, preferring a community with others rather than watching TV. The first essay shows Iyer prefers to travel because he loves to see different cultures in the world. It is not only his job but also he prefers to do this, so that he can have several experiences. The residents of Waterford still keep their traditional way of living. They prefer relaxed and comfortable life and like everything to be familiar. Talking and living with same group of people is not see strangers everyday. In other words, global technology for people from different environments has several meanings and it influences people to have their own definition of home. People differ in their definitions of home. Most people think a place where they are rooted and grow up is home. The entire environment is familiar; the culture is tradition. However, some people do not think so. They may...
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