How Did Life Change in the 1920's in Western Countries?

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How Did Life Change in the 1920’s in Western Countries

After World War I (The Great War) the 1920’s was a decade of dramatic changes and modifications to society all raised from the idea to just have fun. Known as the “Roaring 20’s” the society of the Western Countries made significant changes to their lifestyle with hugely impacted civilians. Such changes included more money and more leisure time to family’s, the entertainment industry boomed, jazz became a much more popular genre of music and many other alterations happened in this time period.

The two western countries this report will be focusing on are the United States of America and Australia.


The 1920’s for the USA was a period of great turmoil and contrast compared to the 1910’s as it was a decade of liberation and rebellion against traditional values to most Americans. Numerous social changes were being made which for some caused great anxiety; this anxiety was formed because people felt that the American way of life was being destroyed. Because of the controversy surrounding the social changes the period is well known as the ‘Roaring 20’s”.

In the ‘Roaring 20’s’ the average working week dropped from, 47.4 to 44.2 hours so people had more time to freely enjoy themselves. Along with this extra leisure time the average wage raised by 11%, because of this the entertainment industry was significantly impacted as most of the spare time and money was being channelled towards it.

In the midst of the 1920’s radios were being used nationally and became a very popular recreation to a large amount of people. Proof of the increasing popularity is shown with the stat that shows that in August 1921, there was only one licensed radio station; however by the end of 1922, the number of licensed radio stations rose to 508.

“The Jazz Age”:
One of the factors of the increasing popularity in radios was because it enabled people to listen to Jazz. Jazz music became...
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