How is Music a Big Part of MY Life Today

Topics: Emotion, Meaning of life, Music Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: February 9, 2014
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How music is apart of my everyday life is a good question. I’ve never really thought of this in a detailed manner till now. I read this essay question the other day and now whenever I hear music I think about how it makes me feel and what I think of. Tunes play a big part of my life in positive and negative ways.

Emotionally music affects my life a lot in a positive way. When I am feeling down I notice I stay away from listening to country or slow music but rather upbeat rap or pop music with a positive meaning or even no meaning at all. Music gives me the feeling of being in power. I know this sounds funny but I control what I listen to. If I listen to positive music, I turn into a positive person even with the bad mood I’m in. “Dissonance introduces conflict into music” (pg. 18) According to The Enjoyment of Music combining sounds that don’t go together will create a different emotion than music that do harmonize. Another up lifting way music affects my everyday life is it allows me to learn about other people and other locations. It keeps me entertained when I’m bored. The difference between Jamaican music and country music shows examples of different parts of the world and what some differences are. PBS states that music helps “enhance skills used in other areas.” This means listening to music helped me grow as a person. Through out the week I enjoy working out. I listen to music to get pumped up and push me farther than I would go with out it. Music also affects my everyday life in negative ways too.

I tend to spend a lot of money on music, from buying concert tickets to things like speakers to play my music on. It also allows me to zone out and run from my problems. This can be good but creates problems since I turn to not dealing with the issue. The most negative thing of music for me is that I tend to listen to it during homework and it distracts me greatly. I get carried away looking for my favorite songs and new music to add to my...

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