How to build a computer

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How to Build A Computer

Building a computer from scratch is very complex, but also interesting. It gives you the ability to customize and personalize it to make it one’s own. In this “How To” instructional, I will be showing taking you through various steps needed in order to make this happen. This instructional will help you in designing a system targeted toward your own use.

Why build ones own PC?
You can upgrade easily with a custom one
You will end up with a faster computer by handpicking the components. You should be able to build one for less than $1,000

What Parts do I need?
Basic Essentials:
Case w/ power supply
Processor ( Intel)
Memory Ram
Hard Drive
Memory (RAM)
Hard Drive
Video Card

Optional Parts:
DVD/CD Drive
LCD monitor
Keyboard ,mouse & speakers (unless you do not have them already)

Putting Everything Together
Each Configuration can be different, but this is just a basic interpretation. Just remember to read any manuals that come with the parts carefully.

Tools needed:
Electrical tape/zip ties

First we are going to remove all devices from packaging. Make sure to be very careful, we do not want to damage anything.

Put the processor on the board before putting the board in the case. (This makes it a little easier)

Open up the latches that are on the processor socket, and make sure to remove any plastic or coverings that protect the pins.

Now carefully insert the processor, make sure it aligns the correct way w/ the notches. Close the hatch when you are done.

Now it is time to put the Motherboard in, your motherboard should be equipped w/ a metal cover for the back where the parts would go. You need to attach this first before trying to stick the mother board in the case.

Note: (Make sure the case has the right pegs in place before putting the motherboard in. This is needed so that the motherboard has something to stand on. You can check...
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