Illiteracy in Tondo, Manila (Topic Proposal)

Topics: Happiness, Personal life, Philippines Pages: 1 (362 words) Published: March 29, 2013

We chose this topic, because even if it’s a small barangay, they can still be a good basis for an answer of illiteracy in Tondo, Manila. They can somehow be the reflection on what are the causes and effects of illiteracy in the slum areas of Manila.

Manila is the capital of the Philippines, but it is also one of places where there are insufficient educational needs for the lower class. We have observed that there are a few people in the area that are dressed properly, and even if it is a school day, many children are playing outside with their fellow neighbor. While the children are playing, shouting, fighting, or having fun, their mothers are all rounded up on a table on the streets playing Bingo. Some of the father is already cooking a meal outside the streets, using only charcoal and a cardboard box for fanning the fire. There are also a lot of reported crimes that link to the people living in that area. Some crimes include hold-up, robbery, homicide, etc.

We also observed that even through the lack of basic needs, and illiteracy, they still manage to live a happy life. They find ways in entertaining themselves even if they are in hard times/troubles. Even if they are living a hard life, you can still see the care they have for each other. You can see in their physical appearance that they are struggling to live. They are mostly thin, and they obviously don’t eat a balanced meal, but it’s still wonderful to see the laughter, and smiles they have on their faces, especially in the arms of their family/friends.

We feel that in the face of this issue, joy and laughter isn’t enough to live. Yes, of course having your family and friends can be somehow fulfilling in the end of the day, but it’s definitely not enough. A person should go through a process in finishing their educational needs to surpass through the challenges that they are facing for their everyday life. Because Education is a...
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