Impact of Organizational Communication in Job

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Impact of Organizational Communication in Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment


Today organizations cannot exist without effective communication. In fact, effective communication within the organizational communication plays a vital role in achieving a successful relationship in the organization. It is also the process for conveying meaning from one person to another or from the organization managers to the individual employee. This study is conducted with the aim study of impact of organizational communication in job satisfaction and organizational commitment. Using the descriptive type as a method and given the spatial and temporal domains, research statistical population is consisted of 440 employees of Gilan Maskan Bank. The statistical sample of present study was simple random sampling, and using Morgan table has been determined 263 employees of Gilan Maskan Bank. In this study, for analysis of data were used existing methods in descriptive statistics included frequency distribution tables, mean, variance, standard deviation and percent and also inferential statistics included using structural equation modeling.

Managers will spend more than 75 percent of its activity time for implement some of the communication techniques. Evidence shown internal communication's high importance is extreme. Research conducted by Marino and Faktol (1988) show there is positive relationship between the amount of time spent on communication and important activities such as actions leading to job satisfaction. Results of these findings, in many organizations, do spend significant human and financial resources for development of effective internal communication systems and facilitate of communication techniques and also strengthening the staff's ideal information at all levels of organization.

One of the major problems of banks is tend to displace employees, low working, lack of dependence and low motivation and finally tend to leave the organization. This is associated high costs for banks. Also can be noted to lowered productivity and increase costs as training, empowerment, employment and employing, and also loss of organizational knowledge that is very costly and cumbersome.

Job satisfaction be said to individual general attitude about own job. Someone is not high its job satisfaction, is unhappy with their own job and has a negative attitudes. Job satisfaction is born factors such as working environmental conditions, job organizational system, relations governing the work environment, social factors and cultural factors. Organizational commitment is linked individuals with organization that is characterized by three factors including "strong believe and acceptance of organization goals and values, emotional commitment", Tend to great effort for organization, continuous commitment", and "strong desire to remain in the organization, duty commitment ". Factors of individual, job, organizational and extra-organizational job satisfaction are influence on organizational commitment. Satisfaction of communication is employee's effectiveness evaluate from organization's communication actions and has multi-dimensional structure. Effective communication means sender all messages that send by any means, verbal or non-verbal receives destination or recipient.

The case study, Impact of Organizational Communication in Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment, is conducted on May, 2014.

The proponents take the manager’s viewpoint in observing this case study.

Effective communication is essential for the successful performance of organizations. In fact, it seems clear that communication plays a major role in employees’ job satisfaction and work commitment. In connection to that, managers in organizations should spent time to implement some communication techniques to his/her employees to...
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