Importance of play article essay

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 Jennifer Sadler
September 7th, 2014
The Importance of Play Article

In the article “The Importance of Play”, the author states that promoting play increases the chance of a healthier lifestyle for a childs future. The article talks about how middle class parents have a hurried lifestyle, which results with the parents not taking opportunities to interact with their babies. This then leads to their children later on having anxiety problems as well as higher stress levels. On the other hand, parents who live in poverty, have a harder time giving the opportunities to have social interactions because of their neighborhood or high volume of violence in the area. Schools then opened up before and after school programs to contribute to the community and give children more opportunities to grow as individuals and gain more knowledge of skills that they were lacking. In the article the author also speaks about highly scheduled children have less free time to do child-like things that lead to their adolescence years at a higher level of stress. College aged students have a assumption that its mandatory in todays society to master all subjects in school. But, in the real world, no average adult is proficient in more then one or two subjects. In this article, it opened my eyes to more then just “playing”. It went in depth of the benefits from interacting with the children. One thing that caught my eye was how critical it is to play with children and give them personal opportunities to play as well. This teaches them social and emotional skills that will later on benefit for their adolescent and adult years. Something as simple as singing songs, playing with toys, or reading books with or without their parents gives them cognitive skills that they can later utilize for their future. Something as simple as playing can teach them to use their imagination. Children who did not get the fundamentals of child like play including using...
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