Important Things In Life

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According to my understanding, I will define life as the ability and time for me to live and interact with this world. Time for us to live and interact with the world is limited. So, there is not much things we can do and get. Thus, we have to ask ourselves what is really important for us in life before we spend our time on it.

In my opinion, health is the most important in life. Before we want to do something we must have a healthy body first. If our body is weak, we are unable to do whatever we want and the time for us to live will be shorter. So, take care for health is the most important things in life. We should spend time to do exercises and perform healthy lifestyle in order to have a healthy body.

Besides that, the dream will be the most important in life. Dream are the purpose of life and the things that we want to experience in life. We are not going to live without a purpose which will make our life meaningless. We born to this world with the limited time we have, we should experience or achieve something that will make our life meaningful. Hence, live for our dream.

Apart from this, wealth will be the most important in life. We all know that money is not everything, but without money we can do nothing. Without money we cannot continue our daily life since we have no money for food and shelter. If don’t have enough money, we also cannot achieve our dream and do whatever we want. We cannot go for travel, buy the shirt we like and many things we desired.

In conclusion, we have to know what is really important for us in life. Then, we only spend time for it. Life is limited, so we only can do limited things and achieve not much things in this world. Hence, we have to take care our health, chase your dream and earn more money with this limited time in the world.
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