Influential People In Life Essay

Topics: Time 100, Iraq War, Love Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: April 9, 2015
Kristyn Penaloza
English 1301
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Dr. Patricia Dodd
November 7, 2013
Influential People
Most of us have influences in our lives; some can be negative and can be positive. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to have wonderful people by my side. Such Admirable people, intelligent and full of values, for example: my Mother Teresa, my cousin Joshua, and my friend Sofianos. My mother Teresa is fifty seven years old, born and raised in my country Panama City, one of the seven siblings. She educated herself and today she has two master degrees. As a single mother she, raised me and my siblings with love, values and education. Her love is one of a kind and the affections that she projected for us are unique. She instilled in us values ​​such as respect for ourselves and others, Responsibility for what we have in life and future projects that we can achieve, and above all perseverance in order to set our goals and achieve them. She is not the perfect women but for me she is “Wonder Women,” my hero and the most influential person in my life. In contrast, my cousin Joshua is twenty three years old, and I really consider him my brother. He born in Panama City and raised in United States, His influence in my life in so many ways, for example: he is one of the brightest, brave and honest people I know. He learned how to speak five different languages and three being with perfect writing. Spanish is his first language and then he learned English, Italian, Portuguese and French. He attends ones of the best universities in Seattle, and he is employed by Microsoft. When Joshua turned eighteen enlisted with the military for four years. He was sent to the war in Iraq staying there for one year and then one year a half in Afghanistan. In those two years, he was confronted by a conflict of feelings within himself, coming to the conclusion that he was gay. Being honest was his only way out. On his return from the war, Joshua expressed his inquietudes...
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