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The Student Communication and Tracking System
Software Requirements Specification
Marco Aviso
Jason Derenick
Michael Panzarella
Andrew Perhac
March 21, 2002
Submitted in partial fulfillment
Of the requirements of
CMPS 374-Fundamentals of Software Engineering
Table of Contents

1. Introduction1
1.1. Purpose1
1.2. Scope of Project1
1.2. Glossary2
1.3. References4
1.4. Overview of Document4
2. Overall Description6
2.1. System Environment6
2.2. Functional Requirements Definition11
2.3. User Interface Specification27
2.4. Non-Functional Requirements28
2.5. System Evolution30
3. Requirements Specification31
3.1. External Interface Requirements31
3.2. Functional Requirements32
3.3. Detailed Non-Functional Requirements44

1. Introduction

1.1. Purpose

The purpose of this document is too provide a concise overall description of the functionality and anticipated constraints of The Student Communication and Tracking System, developed for the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania. This document will discuss the scope of the project at hand and will further specify the chosen system environment as well as the anticipated user interfaces for the system. Additionally, special considerations regarding the potential evolution of the system as well as both functional and non-functional requirements will be identified and discussed. The expected audience of this document will be the University of Scranton’s administration, faculty members, classroom instructors and Department of Public Safety officials. It is expected that this document will also serve as a viable reference for the software engineers and computer system specialists that are implementing The Student Communication and Tracking System at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania.

1.2. Scope of Project

The scope of the project can be defined in terms of the documentation and development of a student communicator and tracker system for the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania. The development of this system, The Student Communication and Tracking System, encompasses using the wiring of the entire campus to allow for the detection and locating of specific individuals and to allow them to communicate with each other. The main purpose of this system is to take attendance and record everyone in a lab to monitor lab usage. The University of Scranton currently has no efficient protocol for monitoring student attendance or university computer labs. With more faculty members opting to neglect standard attendance procedures, students are being tempted to avoid classes as opposed to regularly attending. For those faculty members who do take the time to take classroom attendance, they lose about 65 minutes, approximately one class a semester. The Student Communicator and Tracker system will be responsible for the efficient reporting of classroom attendance for each of the University's colleges and will do so only for those classes in which the instructor has opted for attendance monitoring. Additionally, situations may arise where students may need to contact or locate each other. The Student Communication and Tracking system will attempt to resolve this issue by effectively establishing a campus wide paging system that will also allow community members to remotely locate students. This embodies the overall strategic objectives of running an efficient university. In addition, this system will improve the university's role in teaching students by giving students incentives to actually attend classes and it will promote effective communication among campus members, namely students. The Student Communication and Tracking System will enhance the overall productivity of the University of Scranton.

1.2. Glossary

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References: Martin, Dennis S. “Software Requirements Specification: Fall 2001 Edition." Computing Sciences, University of Scranton, March 17, 2002. .
Martin, Dennis S. "General Format for Reports: Fall 2001 Edition." Computing Sciences, University of Scranton, March 17, 2002.
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