Is Acting an Essential Part of the Everyday Life

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I think acting is an essential part of everyday life. I know I do it more than I mean to. When someone makes me angry, sad, upset, embarrassed, or anything else and I pretend I’m okay then I am acting. I’m not really feeling good; I am feeling angry or hurt. And all I want is to get away from that situation. There are good and bad reasons for acting. Either I can do it to save my friends or families feeling or I can do it to get revenge or just be mean. Anyone has to be careful how they use their acting. I don’t want to use my acting to make someone feel bad about him or herself. When someone is being bullied we are taught to get away and get help as fast as we can. We get an adult so that we can get out of the unhealthy situation. But if you can’t get out of the situation then we sit there and pretend that it doesn’t bug us or hurt our feelings. We make it look like we know ourselves better than they do. But even if we do know ourselves better it still hurts us. If my grandma makes me a meal and she is so excited for me to eat it because she thinks it’s the best thing ever and I take a bite and hate it but pretend to like it that would be acting. I would be acting to like her meal to save her feelings. I don’t want to hurt her feelings and by acting to like it she stays happy. I don’t want to tell her the truth and completely ruin her excitement and happiness. If I become friends with someone but I really hate or dislike them then I would be using my acting for bullying. If I became friends with them and found out all their secrets just to be mean and tell everyone, then that would be the wrong thing to do. That would be causing disruptions and would hurt feelings. I would only end up in trouble.
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