IT 1 Digital Devices

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Computing and Digital Basics
Discussion Activity
Submit your answers on the first meeting this coming week (print your answers following the format given.) Digital Devices
1. List every single digital device of any type that you own. Determine whether or not each one isused for actual data processing, and if so, how it is used for data processing. What percentage overall of your digital devices are used for data processing? (If the table row is not enough, add more row) Used for actual data processing

How it is used?
Overall percentage (1-10)
10 as highest
• Computers
It helps us to easily communicate to the other places, to search our assignments or our activities, sometimes if you are bored we are using computer to play any games that we like to play. 10
• Cell-phone
Device that people use every single day. Its helps us to easily communicate to the other places. To text or call. 10

2. Write down all the activities you each do on those digital devices. What percentage of those activities donot involve Internet access?(if the table row is not enough, add more row) Digital Devices

Used for internet access
Overall percentage (1-10)
10 as highest

3. Handheld computers do not use the same sort of input, processing, output, and storage components used by traditional desktop computers. • Discuss the components of handheld devices and the role of each component?

• Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the components in handheld devices vs. their corresponding components in a desktop computer. For example, how does a handheld computer’s touch screen compare to the keyboard of a desktop computer?

• List advantages and disadvantages of each type of component. In what cases are handheld components superior to desktop components, and vice versa?
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