Journal Writing

Topics: Psychology, Personal life, Better Pages: 2 (967 words) Published: February 11, 2015
Journal Writing
Tania Spruill

During this class I have made two self- discoveries that will positively impact my career goals. Those self- discoveries has helped to mold, and shape me into a student that I have never thought I would be. Those discoveries were that I am an organized learner, because I made a study plan to help me determine when, and how I would study. Being that I have five children, I had to make sure that I had set a schedule so that my course work including study time would not affect my family time and take away from spending time with my children and fiance`. Since these are the competing priorities in my life right now learning to obtain trust and consistency in the home while I have been attending school has also improved because not only do I see my success so does my children and fiancé. Knowing that I had that support also has made it possible to do my best in school, setting the pace for them to do the same in school also, whether it be good grades, sports, etc. I know that they will continue to be good at what they do and have proven to do so time after time. Another self- discovery that I have made that will positively impact my career goals is my willpower. Willpower has become my greatest strength. Being able to control what I do, leaded to personal improvement. I realize that lack of willpower not only causes you to lose focus it also allows you to fail to achieve goals. My ability to resist short-term temptations have helped me to meet some of my long term goals already. There has never been a day that I thought that I could not achieve my goals. I kept a positive mindset just so I could keep going. Negativity takes a lot of willpower from you and I think success is a part of having a positive mindset. Having that determination was not easy at first I can say that, but having that willpower and thinking about my future will positively impact my career goals. Two self-discoveries that I believe will...
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