Life's expectations

Topics: Personal life, James Truslow Adams, Happiness Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: January 18, 2014
We are under the pressure of other’s expectations since we are born. We are expected to be brilliant in school terms, have a successful job and make up a wonderful family. Society has established these features as the key to achieve happiness. Consequently, our lives are so restricted. Indeed, those standards could bring us stability, but at the same time it could make us feel sedated. What’s life without a little bit of risk? It is amazing to realize that we have still the capacity of surprising ourselves. We should get rid of the fear of failure and disappointment, and start following our soul’s desires. However, expectations can either open or closes the doors of our supply. On the one hand, having an aim in life is the most powerful motivation to improve and surpass oneself. But on the other hand, we should not get obsessed with it. We must take for granted that life takes many turns and our plans can easily be caved-in. In order to strike the balance, it is important to know our inner selves, our limits, our skills, our inspirations. As someone once told me, your happiness grows in direct proportion to your acceptance, and in inverse proportion to you expectations. My personal target in life is to be happy and proud of myself. Focusing too much on the future prevents you from enjoying the present moment. In fact, best things usually happen accidentally. Assuming my basis and principles, all my destinations will accept the one that’s me, so I can breathe… AMERICAN DREAM

The American Dream is an ideology that rarely needs an introduction. Films and its powerful influence play a large part in its circulation, connotation, and popularity. It is an idea rather than a reality, and movies use this idea because it is of course what people want, what people wish their lives were. However, at some point the Dream stopped being just that, it became a goal and the main focus of people’s lives, and the once happy families began to fall into a deeply repressed form of...
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