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Early Human’s Life

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In early days, human life was very hard. They spent their life in caves, wrap animal skin and tree leaves over their body and hunt animals for food. With time, they discovered many good things like fire, tools, farming etc. that made their life better than earlier. But these changes in early human’s life had taken a very long time. Through ‘Early Human's Life' educational series, we are trying to take some snapshots of efforts made by early humans to become civilized.


Early Human's Life

Today, we live a better life in concrete flats and facilitated with TV, Video, schools and colleges; have variety of nutritional foods, and better means of communication and transportation. But can you imagine a life without such facilities for us? A life where there is no big society, no house to live, no good food, no clothes to wear etc. How does it feel to listen? Yes, you are right. We are talking about the wild life. And this was the life of none other than our ancestors (Early man) who used to live in jungle and lived a very hard life. Life style and food of early humans:

Early humans lived in jungle and were afraid of bigger and stronger wild animals. Earlier they had no house to live in and they spend their time on the trees or hide themselves behind the bushes. But it could provide them security from wild animals, rain, winter and sun heat. So, they started living in caves. 

As food and clothes is the basic necessity of humans, they started wrapping tree leaves and animal skin over their body to protect themselves from cold and heat. But they needed food also to live. They do not know how to grow crops in fields and finding food was not easy. In search of food, they had to go from one place to another....
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