Links in the Chain

Topics: Suffering, Suicide, 2000 albums Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: September 26, 2013
Links in the Chain
The Chrysalids are full of dilemmas and motifs that link with each other. There is death, lack of personal freedom, cruelty, punishment, humiliation, weather conditions, kindness and compassion, jealousy and superstition. In the novel, all of these motifs link together at least one time. Death; the punishment for being different in Wuknuk. Unfortunately Old Jacob did not come up with the punishment but he did come up with the Blasphemy of the Image of Man. Overtime, law changed and Death or the Fringes became the punishment for being different, or a Deviant. Superstition; the unjustified belief that all should be pure. If not pure, then you are sent to the Fringes or Death. A way death is linked to superstition in the Chrysalids is by the Image of Man. If your image is not pure, you are punished for it. Many people in Wuknuk are brutally punished for something small like an extra toe, or being a different race. Lack of Personal Freedom; In Wuknuk, you cannot have freedom. There are many rules you have to live by. Knowing you’re a deviant, knowing of a deviant, not having a Certificate of Authentication, etc. They also think it’s against God to break the rules. When David’s aunt gave birth, she immediately commits suicide and took her baby with her. She could not handle the fact that the baby was a deviant. Her life will never be the same because if she had kept the baby, it would not have a normal life. But if she gave the baby to the Fringes, it would not last a day in the conditions. She was left with a dilemma, and chose the easy way out. There was a lack of personal freedom, and she could never have coped with it. Another example of death linking with lack of personal freedom is when Sophie dies. She wanted the freedom anyone could ever want, so she fought for it. Unfortunately, she died for something that is supposed to be for everyone.

Cruelty; a punishment for being different. If you are different in Wuknuk, and do not fit the...
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