Longevity Good or Bad?

Topics: 21st century, Personal life, Meaning of life Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: August 28, 2013
In the twenty first century people are living longer then ever before. There are many reasons that contribute to longevity, such as a healthy life style, genetics, and medical advances. It is very hard to choose a number that I would like to live until, but longevity has many positive and negative advantages. First of all I am 41 years old; let’s say that I would like to live for 50 more years. That would bring me to 91; however, according to my chosen number I already lived almost half of my life. If I would look in my family tree genetics, it would show that we have very strong genes, all of predecessors lived a very long life, and some of them still do. If I will be living at least 50 more years, I hope that I will accomplish many things. For instance, I would like to finish college, work at least for 25 years as a nurse, save a good amount of money, buy a house in Florida, retire, and finally have a chance to travel around the world.

In my belief a good life starts after my child will grow up, graduate from college, and find a good job for himself. After that I could start focusing on my good life. For me the meaning of a good life is when I am healthy, wealthy, and happy. Without good health you cannot live a productive and happy life. To live a healthy life, I choose to have a healthy life style; moreover, I also choose to eat healthy. Clean diet consistent with lean protein, good grains, and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Combining a good life style and my good gene I might live long enough to see a new innovation in technology, new scientific discoveries, and what will happen in the future with mankind.

While some people might choose to live over a hundred years old, I prefer not to; because there is also some disadvantages with longevity. For example, you would live long enough to see your loved ones and friends to die before you, that kind of sadness can trigger negative emotions; such as depression and loneliness. Because I have a very...
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