Machines: Creativity, Precision and Efficiency

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Here's the problem. I'm sloppy. That's why I like to use machines to do my work rather than do things by hand. Machines can be creative, precise, and efficient.

Most people think that you can only be creative if you do things by hand. However, it takes creativity to set the machine up. Once it's set up, it can repeat the same task over and over and over perfectly. If you want to write ten letters, you can set up your word processor to do it, press a button, and ten letters will be printed. It would take me forever by hand, and I would make a lot of mistakes. By hand, each letter would be different. By machine, each one is perfect.

Machines are very precise. They don't get tired and cut the wrong way. They don't get distracted and drop some mustard on the paper. As I said, I'm sloppy, but I like neatness. That's why I prefer to use machines.

Machines are also more efficient. I'm too tired to pick up the phone and see who is calling me. My answering machine isn't tired. It's always on duty. It doesn't get tired, upset, or moody.

I can depend on my machines, but I can't always depend on my hand to be creative, precise, or efficient.

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I agree that school should ask students evaluate their teachers. There are three reasons:

The first, the education is a activity that communicate each other. The information that students evaluate is given to their teacher. The teacher can improve their education skill by this information. If there is no evaluated information by student, the education activity becomes unilateral activity. The teacher spread their information to students, but the students' information reflects back to teacher are very few. The evaluation can help teacher improve their skill from time to time.

The second, the evaluation is favor to school management. The management of school evaluates the education of teacher by students' evaluation. The management may prize the good teacher and criticize the bad, and lay the quligicational teacher.

Finally, the evaluation is in favor to protect rights of students and parents. Students and parents are consumers, they hope that their children will receive good education certainly; they should protect their rights for themselves. When they find the educational skill of the teacher is bad, they may have school changed the teacher immediately.

In a word, I agree this point that students evaluate their teacher.

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Although honesty, intelligence, and a sense of humor are all worthwhile characteristics, I feel the most important one in life to have is sensitivity. A sensitive person is aware of him/herself and the way their actions affect others. A sensitive person knows the place of honesty, intelligence, and a sense of humor.

Honesty is not always the best policy. There is such a thing as a white lie. You don't want to insult someone by saying that their new dress doesn't fit properly or that you wouldn't live in their new house if they paid you. You must be sensitive to when it is necessary to tell the truth and when it is better to tell a white lie.

Intelligence is a wonderful thing to have, but not all intelligent people use their intelligence sensitively. You don't want to show off and make others feel stupid. You must be sensitive to the reactions of the people around you. It might be appropriate for you to admit that you have the right answer, but in some cases, you might have to say, "I think this is the answer, but we might want to check it." A sensitive person would not make someone else look dumb.

A sense of humor is always valued. Different people, however, laugh at different things. You don't want to make someone feel uncomfortable by laughing at his/her mistakes. A sensitive person would understand whether a person could be teased or whether a person would appreciate a certain joke.

A sensitive person...
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