Market Segmentation in Automobile Industry

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Having taken look at the segmentation of the automobile market in the last post, we shall now take a look at the segmentation of the computer market; which is one of the fastest growing markets globally.

· Geographic segmentation
In the segmentation of computers, geographical segmentation yet again plays a very important role. This is because the demands of people would vary according to their regions. A very good example of this is the computer market in India. Few years ago, laptops were not at all popular in the Indian computer market which was dominated by desktops, despite the fact that laptops were very popular in the world market. Then arrived the LCD screen desktops and later the desktops gave way to laptops. This happened because the laptops were very expensive for the Indian customer as compared with desktops. So, a global computer manufacturer would have after geographical segmentation, focussed more on the sale of computers as compared to laptops. This is not the case with India in isolation, and is common to most of the developing nations. Even in India, further geographic segmentation would show that laptops are still not too popular in small cities and towns, where it’s still quite an expensive item for the potential buyers. · Demographic segmentation

Demographic segmentation plays a very important role in the computer market. It has been seen recently that most of the laptop manufacturers are coming with more and more coloured laptops in contrast to the black or silver coloured laptops. This has been done to attract the young customers towards the product. Based on demographic segmentation, manufacturers have come up with different configuration of their product models. For example, a student may not necessarily require a computer with a very large memory space, which would definitely be the case of a professional photographer. Also, based on demographic segmentation, manufacturers are coming up with small laptops or...
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