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"Life neverseems to be the waywe want it butwe have to liveit the bestwaywecan!There isnoperfectlife,but we can fill it with PERFECT MOMENTS

HOPE & END r always there for everyone! Depends on us how we deal with them.. A HOPELESS END! or An ENDLESS HOPE!

The joy that u give to othersis d joy thatflows backinto ur life!A happy heart makes a cheerful face!May all ur days b as lovely as ur heart

Destiny Is No Matter Of Chance, It Is A Matter Of Choice, It Is Not A Thing To Be Waited For, It Is A Thing To Be Achieved.

When there is confusion between your heart and mind, Don`t listen to your mind because mind knows everything But your heart knows only U.

The difference between a successful person And others is not a lack of strength, Not a lack of knowledge Rather lack of will.

" Success isn`t key 2 happiness.. but happiness is d key 2 success.... so keep yourself happy 2 b happy & successful.."

We Will Open The Book. Its Pages Are Blank We Are Going To Put Words On Them Ourselves The Book Is Called "OPPORTUNITY".

Each Of Us Makes Our Own Weather Determines The Color Of The Skies In The Emotional Universe Which We Inhabit

Don`t Think About "What You Have Got..." Think About "How To Use It That You Have Got..."

A paper flying in air isdue to its luck buta bird is flying due to its effort.So if luck is not with u,efforts are always there to support U

Hard-work is like stairs and luck is like lift. Sometimes lift may fail but stairs will always take you to the top. Have a successful life.

Fallen flowers can not climb back. So do not think about the past. Love the Present. Live for the Future, with a beautiful & sweet Smile.:-)

Every man has in himself a continent of undiscovered character... Happy is he who acts as the `COLUMBUS` to his own soul....

Beautiful Message by Mother Teresa: "If you cannot love a person whom you see, then how can you love GOD whom you have never seen"

Experiences are like waves,They come to u on shore of life,Drag the sand from beneath your feet,But each wave makes u stand on a new base.

If you worry about a trouble it becomes double but when u smile at it,itdisappears like a bubble so always smile atyour problem.keep smiling

If people around you, are trying to pull you down. Be proud about it. B`coz it only means one thing that: "YOU ARE ABOVE THEM"

sweetness in your speech talent in your mind love in your heart peace in your eyes strength in your hands& I wish always victoryin your life

"Persistence" Is The Twin Sister Of "Excellence" One Is A Matter Of Quality The Other A Matter Of Time ...

Work For A Cause Not For Applause Live Life To Express Not To Impress Don`t Strive To Make our Presence Noticed Just Make Your Absence Felt.

Luck is likesand in hands,Itwill sneak outthrough fingers,no matergripped firmly or heldloosely.Only hands inthe praying posture can save it

It is better to cry than to be angry, because anger hurts others while tears flow silently threw the soul and cleanses the heart..

Do Good to Everyone Without Expecting Much..As an old proverb says:-"Some Fragrance always remains in HANDS of Those who Distribute ROSE..!"

An Airplane is Always Safe at GroundBut It`s not Made for That.So Always Take Some Meaningful Risks in Life to Achieve Great Pleasure.......

Very true line When nails grow long we cut nails, not our fingers. Similarly wn misunderstandings grow up, cut ur ego not ur relation!

Simple line but great meaning Empty Pockets teaches million things in life But, Full Pockets spoil`s you in million ways.

Personality is:Who we are and what we do when everybody is watching..! Character is:Who we are and what we do when Nobody is watching.

Frogs had competition to Reach Top of Hill.AllFrogs shouted,Its Impossible.But 1 Frog Reachedthe Top How?He wasDeaf...
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