Motivational letter for university

Topics: Personal life, Leisure, Mass media Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: November 11, 2013
“Media and communication studies have attracted me since the moment I read about them. I realized that this course is right for me because for the last few years my interest in the area of media has considerably grown. Therefore, most of my leisure time involves socializing, writing and taking part in the organization of public events. Obviously, media and communication studies will help me to get a deeper insight into this area, as well as to develop skills useful for my future career.

As I have mentioned before, my interest in one of the fastest – growing global economies has evolved enormously during the last few years. I spend a part of my free time with different people organizing or volunteering in ecological and musical events. Thereby, meeting new people and having to work in a team taught me not only to be flexible and tolerant but also how to calmly handle intensive situations. Furthermore, I have participated in writing contests for several times. In fact, a few of my articles were published in a local newspaper. Nevertheless, writing a blog is one of the most enjoyable things I do in my leisure time.

When I joined the organization, called “Kitas Variantas”(it’s a voluntary organization from Lithuania), I gained invaluable experience. Time – managing, visualization, oratory are just a small part of what I have learnt there. In the beginning, learning the basics of time - planning was a struggle to me. It took me a lot of practice until I started to plan my time efficiently. Even though I thought I had an active lifestyle, people from this organization showed me that I could do even more. Therefore, I started attending lectures about success and an efficient way of life given by well – known people from my country. Every lecture gave me an opportunity to meet at least a few amazing people whose confidence boosted mine.

All these extra curriculum activities that I have been involved in, contributed to the growth of my personality. Spending...
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