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Murder Ball

The featured film documentary called ‘Murder Ball’ directed by Dana Ruben and Alex Shapiro focuses on Mark Zupan and Joe Soares life of a Quadriplegic person. I have responded to the main characters and their situations including how they make me feel about the lives of Quadriplegic people and how they deal with it during their lifetime. My overall impressions about Mark Zupan and Joe Soares lives as a quadriplegic has encouraged me to respond not to feel sorry for them but to gain respect and be inspired .I will be discussing the film techniques to support my ideas in the documentary.

My view of Mark Zupan is that he is cocky, aggressive but a fun person to be around with .His aggressive behaviour can be shown through anger which can be directed towards the people that he loves and cares about. His personality overall is that he is friendly but he’s not open emotionally or too involved with his own feelings where others may see it as a weakness. His personal life consists of friends from Quad Rugby, who are all supportive, his family and his girl friend whom he met after his accident. She has great affection for him and both are happy together. I have gain respect from Zupan view of not being weak but as a strong minded person.

My views for Joe Soares is entirely different to that of Mark Zupan .On the end of the spectrum, Joe Soares is a loving , caring and funny person to be with. He has great knowledge about the importance of street smarts and who he should hang around with. He is a happily married man who has a son named Robert. Joe is addicted to Quad Rugby much like a drug and very competitive. He used to play for America but because he didn’t make the team, he instead became the coach for Team Canada .His personal life consists of his friends, his fellow team mates from Team Canada and his family. Even though he is tough on his team, he is also a compassionate coach. I have been positioned as Soares as entirely respectable man to...
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