My Personal Literary Essay

Topics: Little Golden Books, Reading, High school Pages: 2 (807 words) Published: September 18, 2011
Personal Literacy Essay
For as long as I can remember literature has always played an important role in my life. As a young child, I can remember how excited I’d be at story time each night before bed. My interest in literature carried on throughout my school years...from kindergarten...when I was placed in the red bird group, which was the group of strongest readers….to high school…when I had the benefit of being taught by one of the best English teachers ever, Ms. Irena King. Now as an adult and professional, I am very appreciative of the literary foundation that was laid for me by my family and my teachers. I understand how important literacy is in everyday life. First, as a young child, literacy played a very important role in my life even before I could read. I was always fond of books of all kinds. Coloring books, magazines, and picture books…I loved them all. I remember each trip to the grocery store; I would always get a new "Little Golden Book". I absolutely had to have the entire collection and would want them read to me each night before bed. My favorite of this collection was "The Gingerbread Man". I would sit for hours and look at the pictures. My mother would often encourage me to keep an interest in books. She always kept a subscription of "Highlights Magazine" for me and I would watch the mail each day in hopes that a new issue had arrived. As I grew older, my love for books did not change, but the type of books I wanted did. I had the largest collection of "Sweet Valley High" books and was a faithful subscriber to "Fresh Magazine". I think that these are some of my fondest memories from my childhood, and I am so appreciative of my family's support of my passion for reading. Next, my interest for literature carried on from my early years to my school years. This was very evident when I started kindergarten. I vividly remember there were different groups within our kindergarten class. The Blue Birds were the weak readers, Yellow...
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