Network Infrastructure Design

Topics: Personal computer, Computer, Internet Explorer Pages: 7 (2761 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Setting up my new computer, with the Window 7, operating system was fairly simple. The setup directions were easy to follow, in order to get me up and running. Upon setting up my new system I took care of establishing my internet connection, from my Internet Service Provider, which happens to be Comcast. Now that I’m connected to the internet and ready to take on the World Wide Web the fun part begins, making sure it’s protected against any harmful attackers, and any virus threats.

First off I decided to check my firewall settings on Windows before attempting to go out on the internet in case someone wants to try and hack my new system before I even get to enjoy it. Most commercially available firewall products, hardware or software based, come configured in a manner that is acceptably secure for most users. Each firewall is different so this meant looking at the paperwork that came with the operating system to find out just how secure the default settings were once turned on. This gave me a chance to look around the system and see what kind of security settings were set as the default already straight out of the box. Upon investigating the basic Windows firewall default settings were fine for now but after downloading any patches and updates for my Windows 7 operating system I might search for an alternative to find out if there are better types out there. Reports dictate that from the date you buy a computer system there is already something better to take its place with the rate of technology in today’s generation. Keeping this in mind my next thought is to check and make sure my computer has the latest updates. There are a few ways to do this, but my choice was to click on the start menu, then click control panel, system and security, windows update. The system took a few minutes to download a few updates and listed them out as critical or optional, giving me the choice of which ones to install. This is good to check in order to make sure my system security settings are current and up to date. Once complete I made sure that my settings were set for windows to do an automatic update so that I stay current. It also makes sure of any security paths for internet explorer, and that I have the latest version. Internet explorer is my browser of choice, because I’m more familiar with it than anything else out there, but I’m trying to get into the habit of using Google chrome based on a lot of good reports that this is a safer browser. I do know from reading internet explorer is the most used browser, which in turn also makes it the one most hacked and targeted for cyber crimes. The web browser has a privacy setting that allows you to adjust the level of security. Sometimes pushing this level of security up to high can block cookies so your computer won’t accept them enabling you to get on certain websites and causing them to work improperly. To start off with before I have my virus software installed I’ll push them up to a high level, instead of the medium level default, but I can change them at any time should this cause some sort of issue with me getting on a website.

Now that I’m current on all the latest security patches, updates, and my firewall is running, my next plan of action is to find some software to protect my new system from any viruses that I might pick up out there while surfing the internet. My firewall may be effective at blocking some attacks and offering a certain amount of protection. But a firewall does not guarantee that your computer will be attacked. In particular, a firewall offers little to no protection against viruses. However using a firewall in conjunction with other protective software and safe practices will strengthen resistance to attacks. Anti-virus software details vary between packages but basically it scans files on your computer’s memory for certain patterns that may indicate an infection, looking for signatures, or definitions, of known viruses. Authors for viruses are continually...
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