Obituray Structure

Topics: Personal life, Marriage, Education Pages: 1 (258 words) Published: July 30, 2013
Purpose: Evoke a mood or tone and capture the essence of an individual and time Announcement:
1 sentence that will list the date, location, and sometimes the cause of death.| | Introduction:Should immediately give a broad overview of what they accomplished during their life. You can use 1-3 paragraphs for this section| | Biographical Information:

The main body of the obituary. This will tell a little about the person's life, their accomplishments, education, hobbies, etc. This will be unique depending upon the individual you have selected and the life that you construct for them. Try to choose information that enables you to tell a story.E.g.- Where and when the person was born - Where they lived throughout their life - Things about his/her childhood - Education history (schools attended, degrees obtained, etc.) - Notable awards and times in their life - Important hobbies- Any military service (branches, years, tours of duty, awards, etc. - Who they married and when -Where they lived and how long they lived in each place-How many children they had - Employment history - Organizations and Associations they volunteered with or clubs they were a member of. Ideas, attitudes and values:While providing the biographical information, ensure that you also reveal the dominant ideas, attitudes and or values of the character.The personality of the individual should also be made evident e.g. * Serious and quiet * Sensitive and kind * Creative, friendly, practical etc| | Survivor Information:

This is basically a family tree. List the spouse, children, grandchildren, in-laws, and other close relatives you wish, and close friends.| |
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