P4 Recommend a computer system for a given business purpose

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 Recommend a computer system for a given business purpose (Recommend a computer system for a given business purpose (word document) Specification

I want to be able to run the Adobe CS5 professional suite of programs. I should like Windows 7 as an operating system.
I want the Office 2010 suite to run on my new PC.
I want Broadband capabilities.
I should also like Antivirus, Firewall & Disk Clean and other Utilities

SAMSUNG LS24D590 Full HD 23.6" LED Monitor

Led, 23.6inch, resolution of 1920 x 1080, x 2 hdmi ports and x1 vga port. I think this monitor is a good monitor for the requirements as it’s not too expensive, provides a large screen with an amazing resolution of 1920 x 1080, it also comes with x2 hdmi ports so the user can connect other external devices such as a games console or a camera. An alternative could be ACER S240HLBID Full HD 24" LED Monitor. This is a cheaper alternative at £99 almost delivering the same specs. This is a good alternative because it’s cheaper with a bigger screen which is good for the user because this will save the user money and the bigger screen will mean that they could find it easy to use adobe and other programmes.

MICROSOFT Arc Touch Wireless Blue Track Mouse

This mouse’s connectivity 0 is a Wireless 2.4GHz with a wireless range of 30ft. The mouse has a touch scroll , folds flat and comes with a stylish black finish

I choose this mouse because of its good price for what you get, it’s an amazing wireless mouse with a range of 30ft and because of its stylish finish. This mouse is good for the user because it’s wireless so the user can use this mouse without annoying wires connected to his/hers pc. Also with a 30ft range the user can control his/hers pc from a long distance away. An alternative mouse could be a cheaper mouse for example LOGITECH M185 Wireless Optical Mouse in Black & Red. This mouse has a one year battery life. This also has a sleep mode and on/off switch to conserve power. This is good for the user because when the user is not using the mouse they can switch the mouse to off so they can conserve power and save on electricity. Another reason why this mouse is a good alternative is because this mouse is rechargeable s0 when you have used it for a year all you do is simply recharge it so you can continue using it. This is a good alternative for the user because having this mouse will make things more efficient as there will be no wires as its wireless and it will last year then it will just need recharging.

LOGIK LKBUBT14 Wireless Keyboard

Compatible with windows operating system.
Wireless Bluetooth
I choose this keyboard because it’s a good and cheap priced keyboard which is compatible with windows operating system. I also have chosen this because its wireless which means it will make the use of the keyboard easier for the user as there will be no wires attached from the keyboard to the computer. An alternative keyboard could be a more expensive keyboard for example a LOGITECH Illuminated Living-Room K830 Wireless Keyboard. This keyboard comes with a touchpad so there’s no need for a mouse. It is also wireless and it prices at £84.

Operating system
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium

With windows 7 you can simplify your computer system with all new navigational features such as jump lists, aero shake and snap plus all new features from the media centre

I choose this operating system because it is the required operating system by the user. It’s also easy to use and easy to get used to. Also for the price of £69.99 you...
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