People Depend Too Much on Computers and Technology

Topics: Computer, Human anatomy, Personal computer Pages: 2 (693 words) Published: May 18, 2012
In Today’s World People Depend Too Much On Computers and Technology Are we too dependent on computers? The answer is yes! In today’s society, people use computers in business, education, and in the entertainment world. Almost everything we do and every aspect of our life is affected by modern technology with computers at the top of the list. People obsess over computers. The computers do everything for us so we don’t have to use our brains anymore. People are losing their jobs due to the computers moving into the workplace. They are making society dumber by the day. Society today is too dependent on computers because we use them for everything, we don’t have the social interaction that we once had, and technology makes us lazy. First, people rely too much on computers because we use computers for just about everything. We use computers to look up information instead of using books. The medical industry uses computers. Researchers can diagnose diseases with computers. They can learn the cures for diseases. Software is used in MRIs to examine the internal organs of the human body. Software is used for performing surgery. Computers are used to store patient data. The banking industry relies heavily on computers to keep up with money. Supercomputers are used to analyze and predict weather. Teachers can give online exams and get instant results. We can even check our examination results online. We also can gamble online instead of going to a casino.

Second, people don’t have the social interaction that they once had because we can use Face Book or MySpace. We can even twitter how our day is going. We have all kinds of social networks on the internet that we have less face to face interaction with our peer groups. We can even date online now. Parents no longer have to communicate with their children in person. I believe since the onset of the internet, emails, texting, and computer games, we are losing the ability to communicate with each other on a...
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