Personal Computer Ordering Systems - Compare and Evaluate at Least Four Personal Computer Ordering Systems

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After the great world depression in the 1930s, all of the countries including the United States had been attaching a great weight to the development of technology. Personal computer is one of best witnesses that can prove this indubitable fact. There are many computer companies in the market, such as Lenovo, Apple, Dell and Hewlett-Packard. The challenge for these companies is not only to come up some strategies to attract customers, but also to establish their own ordering systems, which can help company to grow under this competitive market. Ordering system is one of the most important parts, because the design of ordering system including style and layout will directly affect the consumers to make the final decisions. An excellent ordering system will leave a good impression after people place the orders on the website. That means it is an effective way to increase company’s reputation instead of the costly advertisements. Therefore, each company focused on how to set up a fascinating ordering system to offer their best services to the customers. Lenovo

Lenovo is one of the most successful Chinese computer corporations in the global market. They have tons of clients all around the world. Lenovo computer business grew rapidly and obtained a large market share in the Computer Market since IBM sold off its personal computers business to Lenovo. Lenovo has become the most popular personal computer corporation in China after it achieves IBM’s PC business. In August 2009, Lenovo was the fourth largest vendor of personal computers in the world. For the year ending with third quarter 2010, its market share increased from 8.6 percent to 10.4 percent. The company is the largest seller of PCs in China, with a 28.6% share of the China market. (Lenovo, 2010) Design & Layout

The design of Lenovo’s home page is quite traditional and simple. There are four flash advertisements in the central instead of the big fancy slogan. They use a special marketing strategy to promote their products, especially for some “Special offers”. That means Lenovo displayed lots of “big deals” on their homepage to stimulate their potential customers. For example, “Tax free this weekend plus save up to 45% more on select PCs” “ThinkPad you pay what we pay sale save up to 15% more on select ThinkPad laptops”. Customers will easily find out those products with a big discount, and go to next step to check out more details spontaneously. Besides, Lenovo spread up different categories including “product, shop, solutions, support, service and warranty”, which guide consumers where supposed to go. Purchasing

Lenovo offered a large amount of options for customers. They can browse through “product” section to check out different products, such as laptop, tablets, desktops & all-in-ones. Consumers can pick up any specific product from a variety of series computers. There are considerable details under each type of product. The most unique feature is Lenovo have evaluated each type of product graphically from portability, productivity, entertainment and design. Consumers can easily compare with two or three target products and make the final decision. Payment & Shipping

Lenovo offers various payment methods for their consumers, such as PayPal and Lenovo checkout. Consumers can choose “Bill me later” or any type of credit card including American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club and Discover to make the payment. Lenovo typically offer two shipping options, which are UPS free standard shipping and UPS upgrade shipping with $25. Lenovo also provides an estimated ship date and tracking services. Consumers can easily track their orders online by adding tracking numbers to the search bar. ( Dell

Dell is one of most popular personal computer brand in the world, because Dell Corporation has an outstanding leader named Michael Dell. Dell is driven by customers’ needs and satisfaction. “Listen, Learn and Deliver. That...

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