Personal Devices in School

Topics: Education, Personal computer, High school Pages: 4 (1272 words) Published: May 18, 2013
With modern day technology increasing, is it not a great idea to introduce laptops to further enhance the school curriculum? There is much controversy regarding students use of personal laptops at school. I do believe, however, that those who choose to take advantage of personal laptops responsibly can really increase their potential in school. They can achieve higher grades, become more organized, and carry less in their school bags. Personal laptops are an efficient way to increase the work ethic of many and adapt to modern technology. Although there may be disadvantages to having personal laptops, these problems can be easily solved. Administrators can be given permission to monitor the laptops whenever they are on school grounds, and if they are mistreating their use, then their permission to use these laptops will be eliminated. The idea of allowing laptops to be accessed in school would increase productivity of users in many classes.

Students may benefit tremendously in utilizing personal laptops since they could increase focus and organization. Files can be stored easily, and this can reduce all the clutter of an original binder with folders filled to the brim. From personal experiences, I find it much easier to pay attention and stay organized if all my files are recorded onto my laptop. I can follow along easier because I have the ability to type faster and find materials quickly, as opposed to writing countless pages or searching through a sloppy mess. Teachers can gain benefits from this as well, because they can post the days' notes or even homework pages for the student to save on their laptop. However, not everyone will treat this as a privilege, and there should be consequences if one does not stay on task. If a teacher feels a student is not using their laptop properly, they can contact the administration and then these rights will be restricted. Students who have past computer infractions may not also be granted this privilege. Wi-fi...
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