Personal Response to the Red Son

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Personal Response to Texts Assignment
I LOVE your faces I saw the many years
I drank your milk and filled my mouth
With your home talk, slept in your house
And was one of you.
          But a fire burns in my heart.
Under the ribs where pulses thud
And flitting between bones of skull
Is the push, the endless mysterious command,
"I leave you behind--
You for the little hills and the years all alike,
You with your patient cows and old houses
Protected from the rain,
I am going away and I never come back to you;
Crags and high rough places call me,
Great places of death
Where men go empty handed
And pass over smiling
To the star-drift on the horizon rim.
My last whisper shall be alone, unknown;
I shall go to the city and fight against it,
And make it give me passwords
Of luck and love, women worth dying for,
And money.
          I go where you wist not of
          Nor I nor any man nor woman.
          I only know I go to storms
          Grappling against things wet and naked."
There is no pity of it and no blame.
None of us is in the wrong.
After all it is only this:
          You for the little hills and I go away.
Carl Sandburg
What idea(s) does this text suggest about the significance of a journey or quest on the direction of an individual’s life? Support your idea(s) with reference to the text and to your previous knowledge and/or experience.

(Note: typically a Personal Response to Texts Assignment will offer you three texts to respond to: a visual text, a poem, and a prose text.) Initial Planning

To which of the provided texts are you responding? What is the connection between the text(s) and your response?...
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