Personal Statement

Topics: Personal life, Health, Physical therapy Pages: 2 (664 words) Published: August 5, 2013
Personal Statement
I am a 26 year old female who has made a leap back into education to pursue my dream of being a Physiotherapist. The magic of Physiotherapy began the day I enabled an elderly patient to take their first steps, after being bed bound for almost a year. That feeling has been elicited many, many times during my time as a therapy assistant, further fuelling my desire to become a Physiotherapist. I have an interest in science and the human anatomy; I even acquired a life size skeleton which now stands in my lounge. A great talking point when guests come round. I am never happier than when I am interacting with people. My first job as a carer allowed me to see how I enjoyed helping people. I am a carer by nature but have developed my way into enabling people to be more independent. I am most definitely a glass half full kind of girl and have a positive nature. Working on the stroke unit as a therapy assistant has been my biggest, yet thrilling, challenge I have had career wise. I am always striving to better myself, sometimes to perfection which leads me to be hard on myself at times. In my personal life currently both my Nanny and Granddad are struggling with reduced mobility due to old age. In this situation I have struggled to separate my professional and personal feelings. I want to jump in and suggest many things to help them. Unfortunately I am not a Physiotherapist (yet), however I have been able to offer some invaluable information and support to my family. With my clinical knowledge I was able to direct my mum to the correct ports of call and able to offer some small advice, where mobilizing safely was key. I know my Nanny and Granddad appreciated my help but I wished I was able to do more. To know how I could physically help them without directing them to the GP. It has been ten years since completing my GCSE’s however I have always had a thirst to further myself. I have just completed a Level 2 English refresher course which has helped...
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