Philadelphia here i come

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Gars mother died shortly after his birth, this was a huge upset for him and his father. To make things worst Gar's father, S.B, does not get on with his only son, even know Gar lives and works with him. They see each other every day and still their communication levels are low. ''If he wants to speak to me he knows where to find me! But I'm damned if I'm going to speak to him first''. This is one example of were Gar gets so annoyed he starts to take it out on poor Madge who is trying to help. Gar doesn't mean to but it is he is so annoyed at the sate of his life. They only communicate when essential. Gar is leaving for Philadelphia in the morning, and still his father does not take this in to consideration to offer him a fare well. He simply does not know what to say to his son. Gar finds this really frustrating and makes this clear by saying to Madge: " If he wants to speak to me he knows where to find me! But I'm damned if I'm going to speak to him first!''. This clearly shows his feeling towards his father.

The one person Gar finds it easy to communicate to, is his housekeeper Madge. Gar and Madge seem to have a strong bonding between eachother. Gar seems to speak to her about all his problems and she is glad to answer them and give Gar a hand. They also have jokes the odd time, but when it comes to serious matters both help each other out. Like at the start of the book Gar says to Madge I know you are going to miss me and started tickling her. Later on in the book Madge helps Gar understand the relationship between him and his father. They clearly have feelings for each other. Madge knows how Gar feels and she understands him a lot better than anyone else. We have evidence of this when Madge stuck up for Gar and said ''just because he doesn't say much doesn't mean that he hasn't feelings like the rest of us''.

Another reason for Gar leaving Ballybeg is his social life. His social life in Ballybeg is minimal and can do very...
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