Philosophy: to Be Rich or Happy

Topics: Meaning of life, Personal life, Happiness Pages: 2 (862 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Philosophy 101 Paper

We’ve all been asked the silly question, “Would you rather be rich or would you rather be happy?” In my opinion, this question can’t possibly be a one-or-the-other answer. I strongly believe that although money is not the meaning of happiness and life, wealth is the only key component that ensures your ability to live an easier life ultimately leading to a happy one. What is an easy life? We all want to be content with our lives and although according to Socrates, each person’s idea of a good life is subjective, each person shares the deep desire to be happy. An easy life is one where happiness is readily available for a person. No mater the variation of happiness between being simply content with your life or having a passion and excitement for your life, money and wealth helps make happiness attainable. My primary argument begins with how money and wealth makes life easier. This is proved physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Let’s look at the life of 63 year old, Larry. He is a wealthy man who enjoys golf, Jack & Coke, his children, and UT football. Because Larry is wealthy he lives a happy life because he is able to satisfy his wants. Now some might rebuttal this statement with, “No, Larry’s children are responsible for the joy in his life, “ or, “Larry’s hobbies make him happy.” Well, let’s start with wealth on the physical aspect of life. It would be hard to negate that without physical well-being the mental, social, and societal aspects of happiness would matter. Still thinking about wealthy Larry, his life is made easier physically because of his money. Seven years ago Larry’s mother was diagnosed with Stage 3 Lung cancer. The doctors gave her the option of going through treatment, but said her chances of survival were minute. After hearing a doctor say this, Larry looked up the best treatment facilities hosting some of the most successful doctors. Larry’s mother is still alive today because of the great...
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