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The movie Pleasantville had a lot of religious elements and symbols used in the film. One prime evident example was when Bud and his girlfriend were at “Lovers Lane” and ate an apple that was just like Eve in the bible when she ate an apple in the Garden of Eden. Another example was that the town Pleasantville is just like Garden of Eden. Nothing goes wrong in Pleasantville. It is simply, just like in the town’s name itself, pleasant. The Garden of Eden is nothing but perfect and beautiful.

The movie didn’t really focus on the religious aspect of people’s lives. Instead it was more so people taking the role of religious figures from the bible. For example, Bud or David was in my opinion considered to be like Jesus. When David entered Pleasantville and became Bud, he walked into a world that was literally and figuratively black and white. People were accustomed to old fashion values and never changed the routine of their lives. In many ways, the people of Pleasantville lived a very nice life, but they needed to learn that their way of life wasn’t the only way to live life. Bud helped the people change in a more positive way. He taught the people that if they didn’t do the same thing every day or in the same order, they could still get the same things done. Or if they didn’t live the perfect world they thought they had to that didn’t mean they were bad people or ruined their life because there is not simple or right way to live. He taught the people that making mistakes was normal and you learn from them to become even a better person. David’s sister, Jennifer who turned to be Mary Lou, started off in the movie as a scandalous trouble maker who only cared about being the cool kid and dating the hottest guy at school. After being in Pleasantville for a couple days, she realized the bigger picture that being the cool girl at school didn’t matter as much as getting in college was. With these actions, Bud is like Jesus because he helped the people change for the better and teach them things just like Jesus did to the people when they were in need of help.

From this, some biblical allusions that can be made from the film are Bud and his girlfriend Betty, are like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden when they were at Lovers Lane. At the same time David and Jennifer are like Adam and Eve in the beginning that were the people to make the first moves and changes in Pleasantville like Adam and Eve were when they first sinned in the beginning of the Bible. When the mom was experiencing how to pleasure herself, she set the try on fire when she had her orgasm just like Moses and the burning bush. At the end of the film the Mayor of Pleasantville made a code of conduct that people had to obey the rules which is like God granting the people with the Ten Commandments on how to live a good life according to God to go to heaven. When Mr. Johnson and Bud painted the mural on the outside of the Soda shop, it was the parting of the Red Sea in the bible. This is similar because without Moses, the slaves would have never been able to escape Israel. Without Bud, Mr. Johnson would have never had the courage or thought to paint something beautiful as he did. This also gave people or Pleasantville courage to venture out and do the activities they wanted or be the people they wanted to be.

The movies frame was very wide spread. At first it started off very negative and then turned positive. Starting the film off expressing to the students that they would be entering a world with disease, no jobs and threatening weather made it seem not so pleasant. The movie took a turn when David and Jennifer entered Pleasantville and saw how the world could be pleasant with just caring people and tolerance. It helped both David and Jennifer realize how to act and change their lives for the better for not only themselves, but other people incorporated in their lives as well. The frame of the film seemed as if it was the first part of the...
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