Politics in Students' Life

Topics: Leadership, Education, Meaning of life Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: June 4, 2013
The question of the participation of students in politics has always evoked a lot of discussion. It has been a very controversial subject. Two contrasting opinion is have been expressed by the two groups of people. Both the groups are equally convinced of the merits of their cases. The discussion goes on between the students, teachers, politicians and other well-wishers of the student community. In spite of their best efforts, no satisfactory or convincing solution has so far been found cut. Those who oppose the participation of students in politics put up a strong case. They argue the t politics is a dirty game. It creates – groups and parties and leads to permanent enmities. It disturbs the peace of mind of the students. The primary duty of a student is to pay single-minded, attention to his studies; He is supposed to lead a life of penance or Tapasya. He cannot afford to take part in the luxury of politics. Politics causes a great interference in the studies of the students. Interest in politics leads a student to an active participation in strikes, demonstrations and processions. At times, it brings him into a serious clash with the college authorities – or the police. May be, he lands himself in jail. All this disrupts his studies and he is pushed off the rails. He loses his real purpose in life and goes astray. Participation in politics thus spoils a student’s career and makes him useless for any purpose other than strikes, demonstrations and slogan-shouting. Those who support the participation of students in politics make out an equally strong case. They argue that education does not mean mere literacy. It means a total and all-round development of a student’s personality. It makes him aware of what is happening in his country and in the world around him. It also develops in him the qualities of leadership. Instead of being – a timid, shy book- worm, he grows into an aggressive, dominating and alert Youngman who knows how to fight the battle of life....
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