Position Assessment

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Position Assessment Paper

How does your work relate to your supervisors objectives?
My supervisor’s objectives are to ensure that the PC installation team I am currently on is efficient and productive. My duties on the PC installation team are to image new computers with windows 7, install trend micro and McAfee Safeboot encryption on all new machines, deliver IT equipment, IP phone delivery and setup, manage Safeboot encryption console, new hire spreadsheet, install printers , and manage printer toner levels/install new toner . With these duties, I am responsible for configuring, delivering, installing, and tracking computers for all new users. I am also responsible for managing the spreadsheet that is used to track all of this information. On each PC, I have to make sure Trend, Safeboot, McAfee, and Windows 7 are installed. Then I have to deliver and setup these completed computers to the users with the IP phone that is sent from another branch. I am also working on a project that involves installing network printers and maintaining their toner levels. The objectives of my supervisor and our team is to have all new customers computer equipment configured and delivered on the day they start working. It is also to make sure each printer is properly installed and maintained, with no down time. These tasks will ensure that I am able to effectively meet the same objectives as my supervisor. We want our customers to have a good first impression of our IT staff by making sure they have their equipment immediately and it is functioning properly. We also do not wish our customers to experience any downtime when it comes to their PC’s or printers. My objectives as well as my teams directly relate to my supervisor’s objectives. How does my work relate to my supervisor's supervisor objectives? My supervisor’s supervisor objective is to be able to relay the CIO that new employees have received their PC and printers on time. As well as the printer levels being...
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