Product Analysis of Dell

Topics: Personal computer, Marketing, Desktop computer Pages: 5 (1786 words) Published: August 30, 2009
It involves differentiating their products and services to be consistent which such markets as the home, and home office markets, small business, medium and large business, government, education and healthcare markets. In reference to the levels of a product, both firms market products and services with the same core benefit or service. However, the type of actual and augmented products provided by each firm are the factors that differentiates these two companies making one more profitable than the other. The main products offered by Dell to consumers include printers, corporate desktops, notebook and workstation systems, software and peripheral products, and consumer desktop and notebook systems. The company carries various types of printers ranging from all-in-one printers for consumers to multi-function and color lasers for corporate workgroups. Its printer product line comes with a number of features that focuses on lowering the total cost of printing for customers. Some of these features include the Dell Ink Management System and Dell Toner Management System, which aids in simplifying ink and toner replacement. Under the corporate desktop, notebook and workstation systems, Dell provides the OptiPlex desktop computers, Latitude mobile computers, and Dell Precision workstations. The OptiPlex desktop computers provide “highly reliable, stable, manageable, and easily serviced systems with networked environments” for businesses and institutional customers. The Latitude notebooks are hardy and dependable equipments that provide users, particularly professionals, the ability to work everywhere and anywhere. Additionally, the Dell Precision workstations are capable of running highly complex applications such as digital content creation, and software development for growing businesses (Direct, 2006). Dell also has a long line of software and peripheral products. Not only does the company provide competitively priced consumer electronics such as Dell plasma, and LCD TVs, Dell music players, projectors and Axim handheld computers; they also carry software, monitors, networking and wireless products, memory, digital cameras and scanners and mobile computing accessories. For consumers that want powerful systems at affordable prices Dell provides the Inspiron mobile computers, and its Dimension desktops with UltraSharp flat panel monitors meet the various productivity and entertainment needs of both small businesses and home users (Direct, 2006). Finally, for gamers, Dell’s XPS notebooks and desktops are tailor-made to provide users with a high-end multimedia and gaming environment. In terms of the product mix decisions, DELL follow strategies consistent with their individual image and market position, particularly when it comes to the number of types of product categories that they offer to the marketplace, product-mix width. It carries a number of product categories which include desktop PCs, notebook systems, servers, printers, and a number of software and peripheral products. From a customer’s perspective Dell appears to have a superior product depth and product line length when compared to its competitors. Dell is quite effective in using multiple different brands to not only stay competitive in the market but also go after different target markets. For business and institutional customers, they offer the OptiPlex brand of desktop computers. The Latitude brand mobile computers are available for professionals that prefer to work anywhere and the Dell Precision brand workstations run highly complex applications that are required for a successful business. For the everyday consumer, they provide the Inspiron brand mobile computers and Dimension brand desktops with Ultra Sharp flat panel monitors. Additionally, they have recently introduced notebooks and desktops tailored for gaming enthusiasts, the XPS computer systems. In terms of services, Dell claims to provide services that are more repeatable,...
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