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In buying a PC for a specific purpose might be a little bit tricky, and during this process lot of factors that need to be consider before going to decide which one to go for, such as the price, usability, a good hard drive, the choice of processor directly affects your computer running speed, the size of your RAM.

For me I will go for a desktop PC that is suitable for my needs and wants. These are the activities that I need to do in using my PC such as doing research for projects, documents, and many more. As a student it is a great thing and useful to have a PC, mainly because of word processing and other educautinal purposes. It helps my needs and wants such as into education, books will have special activities or quizzes online, or teachers will demand typed work. Why I want it?

It’s because it will serves as to my purposes such as file cabinet, music player, internet portal, homework station, photo archive, entertainment center and many more. This PC should do a lot for me. First, it should cover my home work needs. It will be able to manage my task as well as run those office programs such as Word and Excel, second it useful for multimedia purposes. I will need a place to store my images, home videos and music. And with the right software, and a good machine, I can do all my own editing without needing to pay for a pro. The third is, I am much fond in playing online and offline games.

Below are the following components that I should look for:
As its name suggests it is the central element of the machine. It is on the motherboard that all elements come to connect. In order to upgrade your PC, it is advisable to choose a card with free spaces in order to add more RAM or other components. For a desktop configuration, we find a motherboard with network card or integrated video chip.

The heart of the structure! The processor is the element which makes all calculations. The market is split between Intel and AMD. There are currently up to 8 processor cores. However, for the most common uses a double core. Of course the gamers and fans of video editing or 3D application appreciate the latest generation ultra powerful processors. The processor is a bit complicated to replace, better consider your choice.

Higher speed memory is backwards compatible with lower speed memory as long as the same standard is used (DDR, DDR2, DDR3, etc..) Example: if your PCs memory standard is DDR2 533 you should be able to use DDR2 800 just fine. All the installed memory will run at the same speed (lowest spec installed).It allows the processor to operate effectively. No need to have the latest processor and enough RAM. 2GO is essential for running Windows Vista while just 1 GB for XP. * 6GB DDR3

Hard Drive

It is the storage space on your computer. You assess the amount of data you store. However, given the relatively low prices, 300GB seems a minimum. The speed of rotation of the disk is, the more the disc rotates, the faster the computer has access to stored data quickly. Currently, the standard is 54,000 rpm, but a disc 7200 rpm can be interesting. Note that you can easily increase its storage capacity by adding a new disk or by connecting an external hard drive.

* 1TB 7200RPM

Operating System
Most computers are sold with Windows Vista. However, you can buy a computer without OS if you already have a licensed XP or another operating system. Some vendors still sell XP on their machines. The more experienced users may choose a Linux distribution which has the advantage of being free. Please note, however, it is worth knowing a little about it. * Windows 7 Professional

Video Card
The video card is the part of the computer that enables graphics, including games and video. Normal desktop operations (word processing, email, etc.) don't require much graphics power but gaming and HD video requires much more.

* ATI Radeon HD 5850

CD, DVD,...
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