Rebuilding a Life

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Rebuilding a Life

GRO497: Gerontology Capstone (CWM1348A)
Instructor: Kimberly Cox

Life on earth is only time borrowed for all living species, and there are no mysteries of someday all people leaving this globe. However, society attempts to live the best way possible while on this planet, and wishes to age sustainably in a great way and/or no matter of the challenges presented. This paper provides the reader with a predominant outlook of rebuilding a life, including basic conflict, life-stage, and primary expectations. This piece furnishes knowledge about decision-making of rebuilding a life involving global transparency, extended capacity, re-sequencing life stages, self-Help 2.0, new sociability, re-institutionalizing, and wealth generation. The person reading this paper requires information about values of rebuilding a life, specifically about family, friends, travel, leisure, hobbies, and spiritual pursuits. This document offers health and wealth of rebuilding a life embracing health: health care, aging, end of life issues and planning, wealth: economic issues, work, finances, and retirement, and how rebuilding life anticipate, plan for, and manage life changes in the future as it relates to these two areas. Lastly, this paper delivers global outlook of rebuilding a life and challenges of rebuilding a life. First, provide a predominant outlook of rebuilding a life, including basic conflict, life-stage, and primary expectations. Imagine everything in life is difficult and people view their daily living no more than a struggle. What to do and how to go on to be happy again? Actually, it is not as hard, as long as folks follow these 3 easy steps to rebuild their life: 1.Create a happiness ritual

In order to get more predictability and stability make a list with factor making life worse living. Ones the list is completed choose the 3 top positive influences and relive them daily, which provide the key to fulfill the day with happy stuff. 2.Do a 30 day experiment

Set any alarm clock to go off every 2 hours, write down what was going on during these two hours and whether this was positive or negative aspect in life. After the 30 day experiment the result will be to find out which activities naturally made people happy, to match daily duties with these actions more often. 3.80/20 Your Problems

Lastly, identify nagging things in daily life. View life as a puzzle, evaluate each piece, and recognize the “bad” parts. Replace them with positive parts, and daily being will become more joyful. In conclusion, always remember population “are far more resilient than we think. Just because last year might have been the worst year of your life, doesn’t mean this year can’t be the best”. (Heyne, 2013, p. 1). When people made the decision to rebuild their lives, they have to consider 12 predominant points: •Formulate an obligation to myself

“Forgive, release and let go of past hurts and resentments” (Saviuc, 2010-2013, p. 1) •Hold with style everything what is faced
Imagine your accomplishments and built your own destiny
Dreams will not happen unless you make them come true
Take one step after the other
Obtain a profound trust in life
Do not get upset when failure occur
Always treat yourself great
Do not live by expectations of others
“Discipline your mind to stay present in the NOW” (Saviuc, 2010-2013, p. 1) •Be around positive people who love and support
Another issue persons who want to start over have to be aware off, is dealing with basic conflict and getting the right help.
How can someone rebuild their life, if they never had a chance to know things in the first place? For example: Mister Gallagher’s father was shot death 6 years ago when he was just 7 years old. He never had the possibility to get to know his dad. How can he go on? Without help not possible. The main point in any conflict, “Old dreams vs. new capabilities, unexpected problems have derailed them from...

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