remote system controller

Topics: Server, Personal computer, Computer Pages: 10 (1880 words) Published: December 13, 2013
International Journal of Computer and Information Technology (ISSN: 2279 – 0764) Volume 02– Issue 04, July 2013

RSC - Remote System Controller
Donfack Kana A.F

Madadjim Roland

Department of Mathematics,
Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria.

Department of Mathematics,
Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria.

e-mail: donfackkana {at}
Abstract- The advancement in mobile technology is fast changing the traditional way of computing. Several tasks which were
previously performed only on personal computers are now
possible with mobile devices. This paper presents RSC, a remote system controller, which is an application to control a remote computer through java enabled mobile devices such as mobile
phone. Basic computer operations such as rebooting, shutting down a remote computer and file transfer from a computer to a mobile device are implemented.
Keywords-Mobile application, Remote Computer control, java

Since the advent of mobile phone, (the first experimental handheld in 1973 by Dr Martin Cooper and first hand-held to be commercially available in 1983 [12] ) mobile technology has
not stopped growing, exploring new dimension. According to
[6] mobile phones are no longer mean for only voice data
communication, but now-a-days the scenario has changed and
voice communication is just one aspect of a mobile phone. Day to day, new technology are incorporated in mobile phones but are less useful in the hands of the users due to lack of
applications that will make use of these resources. Handheld devices such as a mobile phone require certain applications and services for their efficient utilization. Since mobile phones, as the name indicates are mobile in nature [10], it will therefore be one of the most efficient way for real time monitoring of non mobile application that require close monitoring. For example, a video surveillance system record can be accessed on the

mobile device in real time. Hence there is need for developing applications to handle communication and data access between mobile and non-mobile devices. Having a mobile device that
can be used to access data from a local system from far distance can be of great additional value to individuals and corporations.

Technological developments have enabled the creation of
mobile devices with the technical features which were
previously conceived only in personal computer (PC)
architecture [2]. Those features can be exploited in order to achieve optimal interaction between the PC and the mobile
device. The advancements in 3G technology and wireless
communication bring the convenience usage of mobile devices
on internet [2]. These advancements are being used to add more functionality on mobile devices. As a result, more applications are developed to feed the ever expanding mobile features.
This paper develops a Remote System Controller (RSC),
which remotely controls a computer system on the internet or local network.
Several applications have been developed for controlling a PC but limited in the type of service they rendered and in the kind of technology used. They include RDM+, TeamViewer,
jrDesktop, PocketDroid, VNC among many others.
TeamViewer [11] is used for remote control, desktop sharing
and file sharing between computers. The software operates with the Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android
operating systems. Machine running TeamViewer can be
accessed with a web browser. In the default configuration,
TeamViewer uses one of the servers of to
start the connection and the routing traffic between the local client and the remote host machine. However in 70% of the
cases after the handshake a direct connection via UDP or TCP is established.
Virtual Network Computing (VNC) [7] is a graphical desktop
sharing system that uses the RFB protocol (remote framebuffer) to remotely control another computer. It transmits the...
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